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Who We Are

Professionals, Thinkers, Strategists.

We are an automation specialty company and we love to help businesses level up their online presence.

The Founder & CEO of Aurora Automations, Tonya Whittington, has been in online automation and marketing for over 10 years and in the tech industry since before the internet!

Our Team is made up of professionals who are masters of their craft and bring insight and dedication to the company and our clients in everything they do.

Our clients are just plain awesome and we love working with them every day!

Automation is key to business growth. The Aurora experience gives your business the power to communicate with your audience in an interactive, automated way!

At Aurora Automations, we help our clients in 2 ways.

The first way is to empower you in building an automated system that will give you more time and help your business to grow.

The second way is if you don't feel comfortable or don't want to build any or all of the areas that we teach, we will build them for you.

We can even manage your systems for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

How We Help

Teaching, Building, Strategizing.

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